Why Doc

This past year, I've had to interact with the medical system more than usual. I was saddened with a loss of words for a while from negative experiences.

I had researched doctors in my area and acted on referrals. Yes, finally a sister md that would relate to me and my experience. She walked in the room filled, with my immediate family and our visit began. From my previous signed paperwork, she'd learned that I refused to consent to a blood transfusion. This doctor asked me, was I Jehovah's Witness. She bullied me with fear tactics that I could pass out because of a loss of blood due to anemia. When I tried to explain my reason, she instantly cut me off and began to talk over me.

Baby is getting a well check up by the Pediatrician. The doc directs his assistant to get ready to give my baby injections, I interrupt him and say, "I don't vaccinate". And there we go back and forth about until he says, "Now, you are a smart woman and even you, as an adult need a whooping cough vaccination." I just stand firm and my final response is, "It's against my religion." Then there's

The Nigerian doc notices skin rashes on legs. I say it's from an gluten allergy. She asks, "What is being put on the rashes? I answer, "shea butter". She orders me to replace it with Vaseline and writes me a prescription for some crème. And there was no referral for a concerned condition that the dr's appointment was for.

During a consultation about an in office surgical treatment with an ENT, I ask will there be local anesthetics used for a procedure. His blue eyes look at me and tell me yes, only for him to proceed without any.

My comment for all these situations is, "Why doc?'


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