5 things that I learned from exposing "Chester, the child molester"...

Pedophiles are so common in our community that someone came up with a comical name for them. "Chester, the child molester." Well these child molesters have names and faces and we must expose them. Otherwise, they remain anonymous. When they are unknown, more people are subject to their abuse.

On social media, I exposed him and myself with details. I spoke with people on his side and my family about everything that had happened. It was not a surprise to many. They already knew and he even confessed to some inappropriate actions that he'd done to my sister. I wanted to confront him face to face, but he refused. My coming out was not meant to create a gossip session or be considered as another sexual abuse scandal. I wanted him and everybody to know that I still remembered what he did to me, and to warn parents to protect their children from sexual predators. It was a step of healing for me. It went further than what I could have ever imagined. These are the things that I learned.

1. Report the sexual assault to the police, no matter what your age is. There is now no statue of limitations. A lawsuit can still be filed against the abuser.

2. #metoo is a great hashtag, but it's not enough. The full story must be revealed in detail and the victims/survivors of sexual assault must get professional help for the trauma.

3. There is much pedophilia hidden in religion.

4. Too many women protect pedophiles. Sometimes they refuse to tell the men. They want the subject silenced.

5. A lot of people who have been sexually violated, don't want to heal. It is too painful for them, but it is more painful not to heal.


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