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Microwave world

Living in the Western world, we are so impatient. Everybody wants everything to be done in an instant. No more real, authentic cooking. Remember as a child, playing outside, smelling the food aroma, and imagining the taste. The seasonings marinating in those large pots. Mama and/or grandmama (Big Mama) put in that work. She had greens, beans, tomatoes,... you name it! We couldn't wait for the food to be ready.

Then the food culture changed. Microwaves or as Dr Llaila Afrika, states, "micro-graves" took over cooking. And didn't you noticed how the diseases also took over, then granny 'nem were no longer living that long. Dis - eases started affecting more and more people. The sickness affected the youth like nothing before. Microwaves gets the foot hot faster, but also zaps out the nutrition and fills it with radiation. Even the people in and from the East are using microwaves in high numbers. When I am teaching my candle making classes, people often ask me, if th…


Smiling while breastfeeding.

As we leave the national Black Breastfeeding week, I am reminded of just how many of us don't breastfeed. A client of mine just told be that she knows 4 women who recently gave birth and none of them has chosen to breastfeed. A 40 year old mother pulls out her breast to feed her 10 month old baby in the presence of her 75 year old grandmother who comments, "You still breastfeeding", suggesting that she is gross because the baby is too big now.

African American "original wombmen"  should nurse their babies. I do contribute some of the increase in us not nursing to many of us having cesarean births and being separated for long periods of time from the newborn. Our infant mortality and maternal death rate need a spotlight. Breastfeeding will keep mamas and babies alive.

After childbirth, drink 4 cups of herbal tea everyday. DRINK 1 GALLON of WATER DAILY!

If you are having challenges, please reach out to someone. There are plenty of lactati…

The Original Nail Techs are still here.

No dinosaurs.

We are here. Tired of being the tokens in these high end day spas, but we are here. Go through too much working in the hood. Everybody expect a discount, like we are not at work. What if your job tell you, that they won't pay you your full amount? All because they expect you to work for a discount.
These salons out here are nasty. I have worked at them all. From the burbs to the chop shops in every shopping center. Nobody cares about sanitizing nothing. Foot files/scrapers, etc... rinsed off in water only. Foot spa jets are removed, taken off and dipped in solution but never actually cleaned. So each person is getting recycled foot crud floating in the water. The foot spas are not cleaned thoroughly at all. Plastic wraps are just replaced. Absolutely no hand washing. Think twice and ask questions before flopping down in one of those spa chairs thinking your entering something good. Money is their motivator, not your well - being.

Mobile NAIL SPA services are profession…

Saying NO to clients

When I first began to venture out in self-employment, I wanted everyone to be my customer. I knew nothing about a target market or niche. After being burned so many times by customers, I am finally living in the answer, NO.

A woman in her 60's, I will call her Nana, called me to get a pedicure. I didn't have a location at the time, so I did it in my home. She was pleased and rescheduled. Nana now wanted me to do her 80 year old mother in their home along with herself, which was about 15 miles away. I was thinking of their pockets, not mine. So, I charged just $35 for each of them. Assuming that I'd hop on the highway and make a quick $70.

I arrived at their home at the appointment time, 10:00am. I performed the 1st pedicure on Nana in their kitchen, since this is where she preferred. We engage in conversation while I am doing her pedicure. Her mother paces the floor from time to time and look at what I am doing to her daughter's feet, then grunts. Several times she acts …

My 42 Reasons to do Womb Yoga

They say, "You look like you do yoga or something." I'm often shoved into the "earthy" category of stereotypes based on looks initially. The truth is that, I'm not a health guru. I don't consider myself a yogini, either. Unfamiliar with all the terms and labels. Not caught up in poses. Perfection is not the goal, complete balance is.

Yoga is essential for me. When I don't, life's challenges seem to become magnified. A good 1 hour will eliminate the chronic back pain from childhood scoliosis, that I could feel. I can now easily slip into a peace of tranquility while standing in the midst of chaos. I feel myself growing stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically from a regular practice of yoga.

Photographed, LookWithinPhotography

I am trained in the Ma Yoni' at Womb Yoga tradition. It is about honoring the sacred seat of creation, your womb, while utilizing ancient principles. The specific poses, support the female reproductive organs.

I am…