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The Crisis: Infant Mortality and Maternal Death in our community.

Black women and their babies are 3 - 4 times more likely to die during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

I don't view statistics to be completely accurate, but I will assume them to be close. It doesn't matter how many deaths, because one is too many. Childbirth and death are natural occurrences. Still, the numbers in America are shocking and should be raising eyebrows. There must be immediate awareness and pro-activeness. We cannot stand by and watch our mothers and children die.

This crisis is global of course and more embarrassing in the U.S. because of the medical advancements. We have several doctors, clinics and insurance plans that should yield us good health. I've had discussions on this subject with other birth professionals and we all wonder, "How can this be"? The common answer is, lack of prenatal care. While that may be true, my definitive answer is medical racism. I witness some form of abuse toward pregnant sistahs in these birthing facilities while …

Have Healing Herbs

As time passes, it seems like we get further away from nature. The plant kingdom is vital to our health. Ingesting any non poisonous herb will build up our immunity. Herbs can be used external as well for medicinal purposes. Before there were pharmacies, there were forests and they still exist today without man's intervention, yielding cures for illnesses.

Why choose a synthetic pill over the earth's natural plant life?

Healing herbs are available in many forms: powder, dried, fresh, liquid, etc... Certain kinds work instantly or over time when used consistently to bring about excellent results. They can be used daily in many ways. You may add herbs to your hair products, such as basil. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, strengthens hair against breakage and improve circulation, stimulating hair growth. Calendula promotes the growth of stronger hair by increasing collagen production. Ginger root is an antiseptic and moisturizer. Hibiscus flowers contain vitamins and antioxidants t…

Getting the most out of your pregnancy.

The awesome act has been done. Sperm meets egg. Absent period. Take the pregnancy test, it's positive and the feelings are real. Whether it's shock, sadness and/or joy. Your emotions are magnified. You tell the world or sit on the secret. Nausea or fatigue may be the ugly beginning, but after the 1st trimester, the glory days are usually ahead.

Pregnancy is one the most important journeys in a woman's life. Get the most out of it. Adorn your expanding body, enjoy no monthly cycles, and receive the special treatment by family, friends, and even strangers. Eat without guilt, sleep abundantly, know that your body is creating a new being. Get retail therapy by shopping for you and your baby. Relieve pressure by hiring a Doula. Put you and your unborn first. Don't be hard on yourself. Enjoy this miracle that you were chosen for.

Upgrade your 'ME" time.
Go to the beach in your swimsuit.

Get a pedicure, no matter what your feet look like. (Avoid places that have the tox…

Vaginal Steaming. Ancient now mainstream.

It's ancient and now mainstream.  VAGINAL (Womb) STEAMING

I heard about vaginal steaming through social media. I was so intrigued that I learned the proper way of doing this practice. I became interested and wanted to learn about vaginal steaming for emotional healing purposes. Females of all ages can benefit. After my first experience, I was hooked. I felt light, refreshed, renewed and confident. I began to increase this new beauty ritual and noticed positive changes within quickly. It releases stagnant energy and removes energetic blockages.

All women can benefit.

IN LOVE with STEAMING!! A step above a full body massage. So pampering. It's like a personal spa for the most sacred part. Can become a healthy addiction.

Shorter, lighter menstrual cycles.Healing for the perineum muscle and scar tissue.Alleviate hemorrhoids, promote circulation.Correct digestive and urinary disorders.Full Body DetoxTightens the vaginal skin.Increase libido.Aid…

Advice to 1st time pregnant mamas.

My advice to the 1st timers.
Nothing is more important and life changing than carrying a child. I still remember the intimate details of my first pregnancy in 2008. After getting over the denial and shame of circumstances not being what I wanted them to be, I fully embraced it all. So much that some may say that I was secretly obsessed. I read a lot about it, went and checked out several books and videos on the subject from the public library. My intuition was magnified. I enjoyed being alone just to soak up what was happening to me. I fell in love with the process which led me to become a Doula years later. I am an avid reader anyway, but I began to read more and more about anything that interest me. I listened to the music that I enjoyed a lot. And to date my child is an advanced reader and loves music. I would telepathically communicate with my baby in the womb which I believe helped me to deliver quickly because I kept up the communication during labor. I sure wished I'd done t…

Lessons in Betrayal

Betrayal is the breaking or violation of a contract, trust, or confidence that produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship amongst individuals, between organizations or businesses.

I'm sure that everyone has experienced betrayal in some form within this life. Disappointment is apart of this journey. To keep our paths free and clear, we must deal with it carefully. There should be acknowledgement, taking responsibility, releasing anger/pain associated with the betrayal, and recompense.

I have been betrayed many times in life and done some betrayal myself. It does not feel good to wrong someone. I have carried that heavy burden and could not rest until I handled the situation. Whether done on purpose or unintentional, there should be reconciliation. Confrontation, which can be quite uncomfortable. Introspection, examining where we both may have went wrong. Releasing through tears, journaling, or whatever is necessary. Paying back that which has been lost, it may b…


Getting tired of the same old question, "So, when are you having children?". This question may seem harmless to the person doing the questioning, but to the one with difficulty conceiving, who is expected to answer, it could be invasive and offensive. Just know that you are not alone. Many couples have challenges conceiving and often times suffer in silence.

I became interested in childbirth after delivering my first baby. I am talented in a lot of areas, but assisting women in pregnancy, birth, and post partum are most important to me. Women consult with me about several womb issues and the most common one outside of childbirth is, fertility. Not being able to conceive is a real issue with some women and men need not to be ruled out in this situation. The male partner should be examined and tested by a specialized physician, just as the woman. I am all for natural alternatives, but sometimes conventional testing and treatment is necessary. There is hope. Remember miracles hap…


I know that I do. Everyday I'm working to get better at it. Although I am totally self-employed and loving it, I will admit that it is not for the weak. Independence must be in your blood. I swore to myself in 2004 that I would never return to corporate America and I have not, but that does not mean that I have not tried. I've sent my resume and even interviewed a few times. An interviewer once told me that I was not fit to sit at a desk for eight hours a day and I responded, "for the right amount of money I would" and she said, "You are not fit for that". This stranger was absolutely right. I was backtracking. Sometimes when the money gets slow and unstable in my business, I tend to look back at the cage and think about the consistent paychecks, and try to return. For some of you, the routine office jobs are perfect and that is fine. Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. I love the changes it brings. Do whatever brings you joy, but for me I tend to get bo…