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The Original Nail Techs are still here.

No dinosaurs.

We are here. Tired of being the tokens in these high end day spas, but we are here. Go through too much working in the hood. Everybody expect a discount, like we are not at work. What if your job tell you, that they won't pay you your full amount? All because they expect you to work for a discount.
These salons out here are nasty. I have worked at them all. From the burbs to the chop shops in every shopping center. Nobody cares about sanitizing nothing. Foot files/scrapers, etc... rinsed off in water only. Foot spa jets are removed, taken off and dipped in solution but never actually cleaned. So each person is getting recycled foot crud floating in the water. The foot spas are not cleaned thoroughly at all. Plastic wraps are just replaced. Absolutely no hand washing. Think twice and ask questions before flopping down in one of those spa chairs thinking your entering something good. Money is their motivator, not your well - being.

Mobile NAIL SPA services are profession…