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Microwave world

Living in the Western world, we are so impatient. Everybody wants everything to be done in an instant. No more real, authentic cooking. Remember as a child, playing outside, smelling the food aroma, and imagining the taste. The seasonings marinating in those large pots. Mama and/or grandmama (Big Mama) put in that work. She had greens, beans, tomatoes,... you name it! We couldn't wait for the food to be ready.

Then the food culture changed. Microwaves or as Dr Llaila Afrika, states, "micro-graves" took over cooking. And didn't you noticed how the diseases also took over, then granny 'nem were no longer living that long. Dis - eases started affecting more and more people. The sickness affected the youth like nothing before. Microwaves gets the foot hot faster, but also zaps out the nutrition and fills it with radiation. Even the people in and from the East are using microwaves in high numbers. When I am teaching my candle making classes, people often ask me, if th…