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Saying NO to clients

When I first began to venture out in self-employment, I wanted everyone to be my customer. I knew nothing about a target market or niche. After being burned so many times by customers, I am finally living in the answer, NO.

A woman in her 60's, I will call her Nana, called me to get a pedicure. I didn't have a location at the time, so I did it in my home. She was pleased and rescheduled. Nana now wanted me to do her 80 year old mother in their home along with herself, which was about 15 miles away. I was thinking of their pockets, not mine. So, I charged just $35 for each of them. Assuming that I'd hop on the highway and make a quick $70.

I arrived at their home at the appointment time, 10:00am. I performed the 1st pedicure on Nana in their kitchen, since this is where she preferred. We engage in conversation while I am doing her pedicure. Her mother paces the floor from time to time and look at what I am doing to her daughter's feet, then grunts. Several times she acts …