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My 42 Reasons to do Womb Yoga

They say, "You look like you do yoga or something." I'm often shoved into the "earthy" category of stereotypes based on looks initially. The truth is that, I'm not a health guru. I don't consider myself a yogini, either. Unfamiliar with all the terms and labels. Not caught up in poses. Perfection is not the goal, complete balance is.

Yoga is essential for me. When I don't, life's challenges seem to become magnified. A good 1 hour will eliminate the chronic back pain from childhood scoliosis, that I could feel. I can now easily slip into a peace of tranquility while standing in the midst of chaos. I feel myself growing stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically from a regular practice of yoga.

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I am trained in the Ma Yoni' at Womb Yoga tradition. It is about honoring the sacred seat of creation, your womb, while utilizing ancient principles. The specific poses, support the female reproductive organs.

I am…