I know that I do. Everyday I'm working to get better at it. Although I am totally self-employed and loving it, I will admit that it is not for the weak. Independence must be in your blood. I swore to myself in 2004 that I would never return to corporate America and I have not, but that does not mean that I have not tried. I've sent my resume and even interviewed a few times. An interviewer once told me that I was not fit to sit at a desk for eight hours a day and I responded, "for the right amount of money I would" and she said, "You are not fit for that". This stranger was absolutely right. I was backtracking. Sometimes when the money gets slow and unstable in my business, I tend to look back at the cage and think about the consistent paychecks, and try to return. For some of you, the routine office jobs are perfect and that is fine. Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. I love the changes it brings. Do whatever brings you joy, but for me I tend to get bored and feel sheltered when I have no control of my work duties. I am a free - spirit, natural leader, and don't want a ceiling on my income. I have been on this entrepreneurial path for eleven years now and it takes a ton of discipline.

Yes Ma'am. Look in that mirror at YOU!
 Pray. Meditate.
Do whatever it takes to look deep within your soul to get clarity on the direction that you should take.
Find out what you want to do tirelessly to make money. Do not be afraid. Keep your job for some time, if you have to. Save money and invest in yourself. Never stop learning. I am forever making mistakes, learning from them, and sitting at the feet of others who are well accomplished in the fields of my interest.
Yes, it takes money to make money, but don't let the lack of it stop you from going after what you want. Search for all the free stuff. The when you do get money, don't be stingy when it comes to your business. Attend workshops, webinars, classes, and most of all think for yourself. We, being the original woman (mothers of civilization), have access to all information. When you sit still, undisturbed and brainstorm, you will be surprised at the amount of information that will just flow like water. Be sure to have lots of paper and a pen to record the messages. The answers will surely come.
Very soon, you will be open for business and unstoppable.
The good fortune awaits you and the obstacles come right along. They both will pour down and flood your world. Be not moved. Ground yourself in your truth and never give up. It is all worth it. Sistah Entrepreneur.


  1. Hello Sistar! I just joined your blog and I am looking forward to your motivating words of wisdom. Thank you Sis!

    1. You are so welcome, siStar. Thank you for commenting. I will do my best to share as often as I can.


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