Microwave world

Living in the Western world, we are so impatient. Everybody wants everything to be done in an instant. No more real, authentic cooking. Remember as a child, playing outside, smelling the food aroma, and imagining the taste. The seasonings marinating in those large pots. Mama and/or grandmama (Big Mama) put in that work. She had greens, beans, tomatoes,... you name it! We couldn't wait for the food to be ready.

Then the food culture changed. Microwaves or as Dr Llaila Afrika, states, "micro-graves" took over cooking. And didn't you noticed how the diseases also took over, then granny 'nem were no longer living that long. Dis - eases started affecting more and more people. The sickness affected the youth like nothing before. Microwaves gets the foot hot faster, but also zaps out the nutrition and fills it with radiation. Even the people in and from the East are using microwaves in high numbers. When I am teaching my candle making classes, people often ask me, if they can use microwaves to melt the wax. I repeatedly affirm, "No", confused by such a question. You don't know the exact temperature in there and if it gets too hot, you could have a fire.

This pill popping culture is addicted to quick fixes. Unnecessary surgeries are on the rise. No one wants to work and wait on progress. Just let the preacher lay hands on you and be healed. Pay the witchdoctor for your instant healing. I don't doubt that instant miracles occur, but how many does it happen to?

Women from all over the country call me for a quick fix and I have none. How long did it take for the tumor to grow? How long have you eaten little Debbie snacks, at the drive thru or bad foods? How long have you been addicted to sodas? How long have you turned up every night? How long have you been addicted to newports or any other cigarettes? How long have you stayed with that man who didn't treat you right? How long did you keep the rape a secret? How long ago was it when you were abandoned by your father or mother? How long have you felt ugly, fat, too short, too skinny, or too black? How long have you hated the texture of your hair? How long have you not grieved properly from any loss?

It took some time for the dis - ease to appear, so it will take some time to be completely healed. Please don't ask me how long do I need to drink this herbal tea? How many yoni steams will take to release my fibroids, etc... Healing is a process and I have no expected time results to give. Your healing depends on you. Snap out of this microwave world. Make self - care a priority in your life.


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