So what are we supposed to do about the national birth crisis among Black women?

Black women and infants are 3 to 4 times more likely to die during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Those numbers vary in different areas of the country. I have seen anywhere from 12x's to 36x's and the reason vary as to why.

Last year I attend an Infant Mortality Awareness Summit in Dallas, TX and to my surprise, the real reasons as to why there is a crisis was not even mentioned. I listened to the medical examiners speak mostly about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome being the number one cause. There was no mention of vaccinations or medical racism, which in my opinion would be the cause right along with stress. There was also a lot of discussion about preventing teenage pregnancies and other things that were not very solution-based.

We as birth workers hear about this birth crisis like a broken record, but what are we doing about it. No one is coming to save us, so we must save ourselves.

I am not going to overlook the large amount of women burying their babies and infants not being able to meet their biological mother because she is deceased. It is proven that being rich, married and educated does not lower the alarmingly high rates. In under-developed countries the infant/maternal mortality rates are being reduced while in America, it is increasing. But how so, when we have all of these nice fancy hospitals, medical equipment and specialists.

I have taken the duty upon myself to do everything in my power to save the mothers and babies.

In the month of September, I am offering free doula services for mothers who are due before October 1st. The mothers must live in the DFW area. Conditions apply, inquire within. 

I have also created a 6 Week Natural Childbirth Preparation Series for expecting mothers and birth workers. It is specifically designed to teach women how to labor safely, quickly, and easily without complications. I have used this method on myself and clients. Although I can not guarantee anything, I do know that it works, you just have to follow the exact steps.

By request, I have started a doula training to equip women with the knowledge and support that is needed to create better birth outcomes within our community.

In February of this year, I opened The Pregnancy & Womb Wellness Center. It is located at the intersection of Matlock and Mayfield in Arlington, TX. The services provided are: vaginal steams, doula services, womb yoga, meditation and more.

I published two books: "The Dark Womb Redemption: A Holistic Guide to Womb Wellness for Black Women" and "The Dark Womb Redemption: Workbook". These books are for sale at and at The Pregnancy & Womb Wellness Center.

Let's continue to be pro-active in solving this critical problem that is not going anywhere, unless we fix it.

Call for more information 214 - 659 - 1RBG.


  1. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do for women and the great teaching you offer to us about our bodies. I am simply Amazed and supportive of you and all of the doulas and birthworkers that walk and work together to support whats good change the bad and educate on it all. Cannot wait to take your doula training im certified already but i know you can offer a different and better perspective. Will be speaking with you soon. Tiffany FlemingLynn

    1. Thanks sis for your kind words and support. Looking forward to working with you.


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