What happens to you when you put yourself first?

In my early 20's, I was often called, "selfish" by my closet family members who were teenage mothers. I didn't become a mother and marry until my late 20's. I would jump up and go anywhere that I wanted to on a whim. I shopped when I wanted to, ate what I wanted, when I wanted. I didn't have to think about anyone else, but me.

Once I became a mother and wife, that all changed. I put the desires and needs of others before my own. Bad mistake. 

The saying is true, "You can not give from an empty cup". When you continue to withdraw from an empty bank account, the account becomes negative.

Over giving causes dis-eases. During my postpartum phase, I confided in a friend who also had recently given birth, about how I felt guilty whenever I ate alone or was away from my family for hours. She said, "I don't, I love it." In judgement, I felt that she was wrong, but then when I looked at my wardrobe, eating habits and overall happiness, I knew that she was absolutely right about putting herself first. From then on, I promised myself to be selfish, as I was once called.

I started to make sure that I got a yoni steam at least once or twice per month. I went to the spa/sauna once per week, when I made the time. I began to take naps, demanded to be left home alone for my quiet time, took long walks at the park all by myself, ate food before returning to my family and delayed house chores or assigned them without regrets. I began to tell people who I didn't want to talk to, "Don't call me no more" & "I don't want to talk to you". Not in a mean way, but in a unapologetically, "I care about my feelings more than your feelings" type of way.

You know what happened? I began to be over-flooded with abundance. No joke. I received more than enough of a lot of things. For one, I had more peace in my mind. I began to sleep better and not feel so tired throughout the day. I started to learn myself again. Finding out what I liked. I was sent more of what I needed in the mail, surprisingly. My business even expanded. I got more clients and even opened my new business location. All of my dreams started to come true right before my eyes, all because I put myself first. 

Now I am able to serve others better than ever. Let me spill my blessings onto you. At 3330 Matlock Rd in Arlington at my Pregnancy & Womb Wellness Center, I am able to do Womb Yoga, Meditation, Manicures/Pedicures, Yoni Steams, Consultations, Classes, Readings and more. I decided to have a 3 day weekend and sleep late if desired everyday. So my work schedule is Friday - Monday, 11am - 7pm. Come and let me pamper you! Contact for appointments www.craftswombman.com


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