So what are we going to do now?

I try to stay in my lane and fight on my level. The slaughtering has been going on for thousands of years. Now, it can be seen on the television/internet and even live. The same pattern happens: Innocent men (mostly) and women are murdered. We cry, yell, pray, post on social media, march, protest, etc... The killer is clearly guilty and walks away free. We get angry. Then go back to living like no genocide is taking place. Well yesterday, today, it happened and tomorrow it will happen again.

So what are we going to do now?

We definitely have got to stop fueling these murders. It is not one police officer, but a whole system that wants to see black people exterminated. From the hospitals to the public schools shystem to the water supply. We cannot continue to pretend to be blind, deaf, and dumb. We are smarter than this. Even though every thing is against us, we will not give up. History clearly shows our intelligence and strength. Survival is in our DNA. Know thyself! Only, if we knew who we are. Everybody else knows.

Our children are coming up missing by the minute. We don't talk about the missing girls in D.C. anymore. An inside source reports that there are so many cases, that they cannot keep up. The lying media should not control what your thoughts are. The NBA, NFL, or TMZ should not matter to the people who are being killed and locked up unfairly. I will not tell you, what to do, but I will say: do something toward helping the most oppressed people in the world. There are many ways to be apart of the solution.

I see and feel the pain. What I do is, what I can do.
  • Take care of myself first. Eat well, rest, exercise, and eliminate stress.
  • Help pregnant women remain fertile and bring babies into this world safely.
  • Help new mothers adjust with their new family addition comfortably.
  • Homeschool my next generation.
  • Create wealth for my next generation.
  • Spend money with black owned businesses.
  • Create a marketplace for cooperative economics.
  • Educate women on the womb. No more hysterectomies.
  • Everything else is private.
Did you know that the U.S. has a birth crisis among birthing black women and infants that no one talks about? Dying 3 and 4 x's more than whites. Do you know why the medical system was developed? Did you know that slavery never ended? Millions are locked up unjustly. Do you know that the Arab, Chinaman, etc... don't care about your blood pouring in the streets? They suck the community dry and never ever invest anything back into it. Who are our friends? In the words of the Legend, John Henrik Clark, "Africa has no friends". So what are we going to to do now?


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