After the Abuse

You may have been sexually molested, which is the same as rape, whether there was penetration or not. It is unwanted. This violent crime, robs the victim of their innocence. Our sexuality is sacred. The sexual organs are called, our "private parts" for a reason and are meant to be respected and honored.

It is happening everyday, somewhere in the world. Some tell immediately and others later. Maybe days, weeks or even years. An unknown number never tell. They block it out of their minds and internalize it. Others self - medicate and heal as best as they can. Sexual abuse is traumatic. Verbal, physical, and emotional abuse is also.

Abuse is experienced by a lot of us. How do we heal from it? We can not walk around here broken and halfway put together. The abusers must be dealt with and not made to feel like what they have done is okay. The victims must not be blamed and shamed, but handled delicately. You must tell somebody and not keep it a secret.


I have survived a dysfunctional childhood and had to distanced myself from family members and friends who are tolerant of verbal, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. It is not okay for a grown man or woman to have sexual intercourse with a child, and/or fondle them. Incest and rape are nasty plagues that require a life long treatment plan. This is where the sexual confusion and lust is transferred. We must protect our children from predators. Most times, it's someone that we know and not a stranger. The predators should be ex - communicated from the village and not able to be around people, and never children. They have an illness that will never go away. They infect the innocent and must be punished for the damages caused.

I am committed to my holistic health. Overcoming a dark past will be scary, simple and painful. Whatever works, do it over and over again. I recommend using the 5 elements to heal.

  • WATER - I cry and snot. Alone, sometimes in the shower. Soak in the bathtub. Think about exactly what happened to me and feel my authentic feelings without judgment. I release the emotional toxins. The mucus escapes through my nose and mouth. 
  • AIR - I speak. To myself, by myself. I let the truth out. I chant. Affirm my greatness. I tell myself that I have forgiven myself.
  • SUN - There is healing in the heat of the sun. Sweat. Exercise is great for creating balance within the body. Saunas, steam rooms, and hot baths releases toxins through the skin pores. Sun exposure is essential for life.
  • EAT - Maintain a plant based diet. Eat foods that give high vibrations. Green, raw, and fresh. Smoothies and herbal tea are great for the body.
  • METAL - Use metal bowl for yoni steaming or sitz baths. Take special care of the womb. The sacred space should be pampered and the DNA can be repaired.


  1. Guess ima have to check out that womb yoga!

    1. Please do, sis. It does a body and spirit good.


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