Advice to 1st time pregnant mamas.

My advice to the 1st timers.
Nothing is more important and life changing than carrying a child. I still remember the intimate details of my first pregnancy in 2008. After getting over the denial and shame of circumstances not being what I wanted them to be, I fully embraced it all. So much that some may say that I was secretly obsessed. I read a lot about it, went and checked out several books and videos on the subject from the public library. My intuition was magnified. I enjoyed being alone just to soak up what was happening to me. I fell in love with the process which led me to become a Doula years later. I am an avid reader anyway, but I began to read more and more about anything that interest me. I listened to the music that I enjoyed a lot. And to date my child is an advanced reader and loves music. I would telepathically communicate with my baby in the womb which I believe helped me to deliver quickly because I kept up the communication during labor. I sure wished I'd done things differently, although baby and I turned out healthy and safe.

7 things to do are...

1. Go deep within yourself. Not surface. Learn yourself, know you. Indulge in the things that make you happy. Be good to you. Spend time with your favorite people and alone. In quiet places, like nature or your own personal space. Isolation will leave you with your baby and offer you a comfortable chance to bond with your unborn.

2. Communicate with your baby. This living entity inside you can comprehend your every thought and feeling. You don't have to necessarily speak verbally, although that is good as well.

3. Educate yourself on what's going on with your body. The changes vary from woman to woman. Research anything that you question. Whether it's itching breasts or extra vaginal secretions.

4. Don't be afraid to say "No" to anyone. You are in a vulnerable space and don't allow anyone to take advantage of you. Sorry family, medical staff, etc.. It's all about you and your baby right now. If you really want a hospital or homebirth, don't let anyone talk you out of it, as long as you and baby are safe. It's your decision. If you don't want others to touch your belly, say "no" or simply block/remove their hand.

5. Exercise. Please keep your body moving. Find some physical activity that you enjoy. Walk, swim, yoga, just do something. It's beneficial for your physical, emotional, and mental well - being. Yes, enjoy the nesting times, but don't dwell there for long and become lazy.

6. Get rid of unrealistic expectations. Relax! Don't be so set on your dream pregnancy and birth that you feel like a failure if things don't happen exactly the way that you imagined. Prepare for what you desire, but be flexible. Focus on the end result of you and baby at home safe and healthy.

7. Hire a Doula. Not because I am one, but because I know the benefits. A helper who assists you in what you want could make your life much easier. You could have a trained, experienced, educated person on your side consistently without judgment, who will be your advocate.

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