Getting tired of the same old question, "So, when are you having children?". This question may seem harmless to the person doing the questioning, but to the one with difficulty conceiving, who is expected to answer, it could be invasive and offensive. Just know that you are not alone. Many couples have challenges conceiving and often times suffer in silence.

I became interested in childbirth after delivering my first baby. I am talented in a lot of areas, but assisting women in pregnancy, birth, and post partum are most important to me. Women consult with me about several womb issues and the most common one outside of childbirth is, fertility.
Not being able to conceive is a real issue with some women and men need not to be ruled out in this situation. The male partner should be examined and tested by a specialized physician, just as the woman. I am all for natural alternatives, but sometimes conventional testing and treatment is necessary.
There is hope. Remember miracles happen everyday. The medical doctors told my parents when I was a child, that I would not be able to have children. Thankfully, they never told me what was said. So the negative thoughts were not able to manifest that deception in my mind. I know personally many women who were told the same thing by physicians in their adulthood and they are now mothers.
The woman should be ovulating, clear of tubal blockages, and the sperm should be healthy. Strong enough to swim to the proper destination to bring about the magical conception. The challenge could be one single cause or a combination of factors. Some causes may be weak sperm cells, scar tissue, fibroids, cysts, or poor egg health.
 While I am not a physician and do not claim to offer any cures or medical treatment; I am knowledgeable of many safe, effective therapies that will significantly improve the chances of becoming pregnant.
 Join us for an All About Fertility Workshop at 5057 Keller Springs Rd in Addison, TX 75001 on 4/11/2015 at 12pm or Webinar 4/12/2015 at 12pm. If both of these are not an option for you, please email me at for a private, confidential telephone consultation. Use the same email address for more information and to RSVP.
Place one or more Fertility Statues in your house. There are several different variations. There is one of a large, curvy nude indigenous woman. I've seen some with the male/woman in an intimate united position. Some reveal the male or female genitalia more bold and others are subtle. Choose what you desire.



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